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We know that a reverse mortgage is a BIG decision and you want to make sure you have all the information required to make an informed decision regarding a reverse mortgage.  That’s why each of our counselors have over 10 years experience with Reverse Mortgages. Our counselors are passionate about helping seniors and bring this enthusiasm into the counseling session.

Push Button, Get Reverse Mortgage Counseling

In the past, borrowers that needed certification for Reverse Mortgages had to call a list of agencies, find out the price and check availability.  NFDM has streamlined that process by allowing the potential borrower to set the appointment online and pay for their Reverse Mortgage Certification in one easy transaction available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Next business day booking available.  Reverse Mortgage  counseling has not yet been approved by HUD for delivery online, but our phone counselors are waiting for your appointment. 

Service is offered nationwide except for Minnesota, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Vermont.  

Reverse Mortgage Counseling Fees

There is an upfront fee for this service, which is collected when you book your appointment.  Fees must not be paid by the lender.  The cost for Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Counseling is $140.00 there are no discounts available for this type of counseling

The cost for an FHA Reverse Mortgage (HECM) is $140.00, however borrowers with low income (see chart below) can defer the cost to closing.  Very low income borrowers looking for a Reverse Mortgage Certificate can receive the counseling for free as long as HUD funding is available.  

Income Guidelines:

Low Income:   Single < $2,510 per month

Low Income:   Couple  < $3,406 per month

Very Low Income:   Single < $1,568 per month

Very Low Income:  Couple < $2,129 per month

HUD Approved – Non-Profit Agency

National Foundation for Debt Management (NFDM) is a non-profit HUD approved Multi-State Agency.  Founded in 1998, NFDM is the preeminent National Reverse Mortgage Counseling Agency.   NFDM boasts exam qualified HUD/ HECM National Counseling Network counselors, fully trained in phone etiquette and senior sensitivity, 


Some helpful information from the CFPB on Reverse Mortgages


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